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Google Search API

Collect statistics from google search for any keyword in
any location in matter of few clicks

					"search_parameters" : {
"engine": "google",
"q": "hamburger",
"location_requested": "Japan",
"location_used": "Japan",
"google_domain": "",
"hl": "ja",
"gl": "jp",
"device": "desktop",
"search_information" :{
"organic_results_state": "Results for exact spelling",
"query_displayed": "hamburger",
"total_results": 816000000}

Api4serp in action example:

"id": "63bc17bfeb31eb94222e6b3c",
"status": "Success",
"json_endpoint": ""
"created_at": "2023-01-09 13:33:51 UTC",
"processed_at": "2023-01-09 13:33:51 UTC",
"google_url": ""
"raw_html_file": ""
"total_time_taken": 6.83
"search_parameters": {
"engine": "google",
"q": "coffee",
"location_requested": "United States",
"location_used": "United States",
"google_domain": "",
"hl": "en",
"gl": "us",
"device": "desktop"
"search_information": {

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